Audiophile return to Spanky van Dykes with Detroit’s finest:

// Kyle Hall (Wild Oats/FXHE/Hyperdub)

Upstairs support:
Roberto & Kieran (Architronica Records/Kai-Zen)
Jonna (City Fly)
Chris Matthews & Edward Lewis (audiophile)

Moid (Arthouse/Basement Tactics)
Chris Bithell (Toast)
Supine (audiophile)

Tickets are available through this website:

Detroit’s next wunderkind goes by the name of Kyle Hall. An example of what could happen to you, if your parents are into house music, Raybone Jones is a family friend who will give you some DJing hints and Rick Wilhite and Mike Huckaby teach you a thing or two about production. But then again, you’d have to have the mind to take it all in and find your own voice amongst the inspiration. And somewhere between the poles of tape experiments bordering on musique concrete and jazzy house, his releases reflect the musical history of Detroit without sounding like genre exercises. Running his own Wild Oats label allows him to follow his muses where they take him, while his prospering DJ career takes him around the world, adding further fuel to the creative fire.

Get involved on the advanced tickets… it’s more on the door!

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