The Audiophile baby was born in the lingering summer of 2006. Surrounded by a heady concoction of gabba, gypsy dogs, ranting farmers and fit raver chicks, three un-like minded individuals found themselves discussing music in a post-free party delirium.

While the wrecking crew smoked popper pipes and fell out of trees our three heroes engaged in stimulating banter. Their music tastes contrasted but complemented. That night the unholy marriage was consummated and nine months later Audiophile was delivered by cesarean section at the QMC. “that’s one f$%^£&g ugly baby you’ve got on your hands” said the doctor.

Now, she may have three mutilated limbs, a split personality, one nipple, and hideously tight jeans but we still love her. After a short childhood we unleashed her out of the gimp box she called home.

After kicking things off in 2007 we’ve kept ourselves fairly busy holding parties across lots of different places in Nottingham. If you haven’t been to one of our nights before then you should really hang your head in shame – see you at the next one then :)