Audiophile Podcast 004

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For the 4th instalment of the Audiophile Podcast we go back to our trusted residents for a selection of their favourite grooves from the past couple of months.

The Chosen Ones

Recorded at Audiophile HQ during a rare practice session, this groovy mix moves slowly from melodic house in the general direction of techno. Check out the fresh cuts from local guys, Red Rack’em and Dudley Strangeways, and watch out the huge groove by Matt Burton that finishes things off (he is playing at the next Wherehouse? party see you there!). You can catch The Chosen Ones in playing at at MOOG’s bday bash on the 10th July and Ride with Florian Kruse on the 17th July.

We hope you enjoy the mix…

24 hours – Steffi
Exhalt – Red Rack’em
Hold my sting – Dudley Strangeways
Down down – Bearweasal
Me and you – Burnski
Perfect day (Mattius Meyer remix) – David Durango
Wire – A Made Up Sound
Woble – Marco ZenKer
Back in School – The Timewriter
Gold coast (Barretz remix) – Hermanez
Kill techno (Alan Fitzpatrick remix) – Sharam
Horse and Zebra (De La Pimp remix) – Matt Burton

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